Revision History

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Revision History

This program is regularly updated with new features and fixes.


If you are experiencing difficulties with the program please ensure you have tried the latest version.


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.108        Released: 18th May 2020


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.107        Released: 8th May 2020


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.106        Released: 25th March 2020


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.105        Released: 13th March 2020


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.104        Released: 13th March 2020


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.103        Released: 18th February 2020


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.102        Released: 7th February 2020


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.101        Released: 9th January 2020


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.100        Released: 7th November 2019


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.099        Released: 21st October 2019


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.098        Released: 26th September 2019


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.097        Released: 20th August 2019


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.096        Released: 15th August 2019


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.095        Released: 7th August 2019


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.094        Released: 24th July 2019


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.093        Released: 25th June 2019


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.092        Released: 20th June 2019


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.091        Released: 14th June 2019


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.090        Released: 3rd June 2019


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.089        Released: 14th May 2019


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.088        Released: 25th April 2019


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.087        Released: 5th April 2019


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.086        Released:  21st March 2019


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.085        Released: 7th March 2019


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.084        Released: 25th January 2019


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.083        Released: 23rd November 2018


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.082        Released: 8th October September 2018


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.081        Released: 10th September 2018


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.080        Released:  9th August 2018


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.079        Released: 13th July 2018


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.078        Released: 29th June 2018


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.077        Released:  20th June 2018


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.076        Released:  8th June 2018


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.075        Released: 7th June 2018


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.074        Released: 5th June 2018


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.073        Released: 28th May 2018


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.072        Released: 7th May 2018


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.071        Released: 23rd April 2018


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.070        Released: 4th April 2018


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.069        Released:  12th February 2018


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.068        Released:  7th February 2018


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.067        Released:  1st February 2018


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.066        Released: 25th January 2018


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.065        Released: 22nd January 2018


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.063        Released: 28th November 2017


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.062        Released: 13th November 2017


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.061        Released: 25th October 2017


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.060        Released: 29th September 2017


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.059        Released: 8th September 2017


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.058        Released: 29th August 2017


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.057        Released: 18th August 2017


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.056        Released: 25th July 2017


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.055        Released: 26th June 2017


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.054        Released: 9th June 2017


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.053        Released: 1st May 2017


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.052        Released: 27th April 2017


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.051        Released: 22nd March 2017


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.050        Released: 3rd March 2017


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.049        Released: 18th January 2017


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.048        Released: 11th January 2017


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.047        Released: 5th January 2017


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.046        Released: 22nd December 2016


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.045        Released: 15th December 2016


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.044        Released: 25th November 2016


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.043        Released: 19th November 2016


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.042        Released: 15th November 2016


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.041        Released: 14th November 2016


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.040        Released: 14th October 2016


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.039        Released: 30th August 2016


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.038        Released: 28th July 2016


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.037        Released: 5th July 2016


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.036        Released: 17th June 2016


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.035        Released: 3rd June 2016


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.034        Released: 12th May 2016


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.033        Released: 27th April 2016


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.032        Released: 26th April 2016


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.031        Released: 7th March 2016


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.030        Released: 18th February 2016


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.029        Released: 5th February 2016


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.028        Released: 12th January 2016


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.027        Released: 12th December 2015


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.026        Released: 13th November 2015


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.025        Released: 6th November 2015


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.024        Released: 2nd November 2015


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.023        Released: 8th October 2015


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.022        Released: 17th September 2015


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.021        Released: 24th August 2015


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.020        Released: 10th August 2015


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.019        Released: 21st July 2015


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.018        Released: 8th July 2015


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.017        Released: 7th July 2015


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.016        Released: 6th July 2015


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.015        Released: 29th June 2015


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.014        Released: 23rd June 2015


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.013        Released: 8th June 2015


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.012        Released: 27th April 2015


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.011        Released: 15th April 2015


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.010        Released: 10th April 2015


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.009        Released: 5th March 2015


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.008        Released: 3rd March 2015


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.007        Released: 26th February 2015


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.006        Released: 23rd February 2015


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.005        Released: 23rd February 2015


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.004        Released: 2nd February 2015


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.003        Released: 23rd January 2015


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.002        Released: 9th December 2014


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.001        Released: 21st November 2014


hmtoggle_plus1 v7.0.000.000        Released: 29th October 2014